About NESK

NESK stands for its 4 qualities: Nuchter, Eerlijk, Scherp and Kansrijk. These qualities meaning down to earth, honest, sharp and promising form the basis of our purposeful and sincere approach in real estate.


‘NESK is where you go when you want the impossible done!’ NESK preferably works on special projects for special people based on our contrarian vision on real estate. We believe bricks should be a means instead of an end. Therefore, we put our best effort for the people and companies behind the real estate. In this way, we create our value. Because of our compact company structure and hands-on mentality we get the impossible done in real estate!


Our services

NESK is an all-round independent consultancy firm in real estate. We can help you with both advice, interim-management as (delegated) project development. .

Advice in real estate and development
Appropriate housing can offer your organisation loads of benefits. Organisations typically live through quick changes to which their accommodation cannot always adapt quickly. Furthermore, organisations can often reap more benefits out of their real estate. NESK advices organizations on their accommodation according to their wishes and company culture. NESK guides you in the process of new or renewed housing. NESK can help you with one of the following components: Advice on accommodation - Location analysis - Disposition and sales issues - (re)Development advice - Market analysis - Feasibility analysis - Portfolio analysis
Interim management
Are you (temporarily) in need for more capacity for your organisation? Are you searching for someone outside of your organisation who can see things from another perspective? Are you looking for someone committed while at the same time maintaining a certain distance? In need of someone who accelerates processes and can translate a vision and strategy into specific plans? Brief, are you looking for someone who can guide you in your change processes? Benefitting from NESK its knowledge and expertise enables you to do so!
Delegated project development
NESK has extensive experience in project development and can therefore unburden you in this process. NESK its multidisciplinary and flexible approach enables you to accomplish your ambitions.